Beyond Capital: Utilizing Non-Financial Services to Support SME Growth
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February 7, 2022

Non-financial services are critically important for growing Small and Medium Enterprises to build healthy businesses. Through our combined decades of experience working in SME lending in over 50 countries, our team has seen firsthand that financial investment alone may not be enough to best support SMEs. 

That’s why, alongside financial services, BIDUK is also testing innovative gender lens approaches to meeting SME needs by piloting novel approaches to Non-Financial Services (NFS).

BIDUK was delighted to lead on this new video from Frontier Brokers Network and contribute to existing evidence that Non-Financial Services can foster enterprise growth and drive returns for financial institutions. The video features learnings and insights from BIDUK and other Brokers’ projects, offering practical examples of how non-financial services can foster enterprise growth and drive returns for financial institutions.

Funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Frontier Brokers is a network of 7 impact investment firms implementing 4 projects to stimulate more appropriate types of capital reaching small and growing businesses (SGBs) in the Asia-Pacific region. The Brokers, including BIDUK, are adopting a gender lens for their projects, looking to measurably address gender inequality. 

Alongside financial offerings, the Frontier Brokers’ projects are pioneering innovative approaches to NFSs. Our network has recently been collaborating to share expertise and learning on the value of NFS and we are very pleased to launch a short animation explaining why NFSs matter and how to design solutions, beyond capital, to support SMEs.